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                    Dr. Peter W. Hunt - Chiropractor

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                     Dr. Peter W. Hunt - Chiropractor


 Dr. Peter W. Hunt



     When many people think of chiropractic, they have an image of twisting, popping and cracking. Although these approaches have helped numerous people over the years, it is this perception that deters many people from pursuing chiropractic treatment. There are literally dozens of approaches, called techniques that are utilized by chiropractors. Some chiropractors use one technique exclusively, some use multiple approaches. Some technique utilizes high force, some low force, and there are several that are non-force techniques, some use hand adjustments, some use various adjustment instruments. All techniques have their success stories.


     Dr. Hunt uses a number of techniques that he learned over the years, it is about what works best for each individual patient. He encourages feedback from the patients to help insure the best possible treatment outcomes. Dr Hunt also utilizes several revolutionary approaches that he has developed over his years of practice that are available nowhere else.


      Dr Hunt also utilizes cranial adjusting techniques, since 80% of the nervous system is above the neck. He also utilizes specific extremity (arms & legs) work to remove excessive stress and tension from the nervous system.






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