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Brain Based Therapy

      Brain Based



Brain Based Therapy (BBT) is an amazingly powerful, all natural healing technique used to restore people to their optimum state of health.


The brain is called the master organ. The brain is the control center for our entire body. It controls every cell, every organ, every tissue and the entire autonomic nervous system (composed of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) as well as reactions to stress and behaviors. The brain is as strong as it is complex and fragile. For the brain to work well, it needs to be in a balanced state. In such a state, neither the sympathetic nervous system, nor the parasympathetic nervous system dominates.


The left and right hemispheres of the brain function in tandem. The various lobes on each side of the brain are intended to be naturally balanced and the activities within them are in intended to be in harmony. You cannot have an optimally functioning body without an optimally functioning brain.


"The brain is as strong as it is complex and fragile"


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